The creation of International Committee on Pressuremeter “ICP” was proposed during the last international Symposium for the 60th Anniversary of the pressuremeter “ISP7-Pressio2015” under the auspice of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.

ICP offers an opportunity to exchange experience in the field of pressuremeter between manufacturers, practitioners, contractors, consultants, engineers, academics and scientists.

The main objectives of this committee are to provide scientific, technical assistance and a data base on the use and interpretation of the pressuremeter test results, and it will help to advance the knowledge of pressuremeter testing by providing the latest methods, technologies and advanced testing equipment through its website.

The main objectives of this committee are:

  • To write the “terms of reference” of the ISP
  • To select the location and date of the next ISP
  • To provide scientific and technical assistance
  • To establish a database in coordination with the
  • To create a database of Pressuremeter
  • To draft recommendations on the use of Pressuremeter
  • To support the upgrading of the International Standards (ISO , ASTM …)
  • To support the introduction of the pressure texts.
  • Edition of the Proceedings of the ISP6
  • Development of Pressuremeter equipment
  • Collaboration with others in-situ expansion of cavity test
  • Establishment correlation
  • Create an Open Library on all free texts relating to Pressuremeter experience and case histories.
  • Consider writing the book on the life and work of Louis Ménard
  • And all other suggestions.